ISSP grew out of the Global Education Partnership (GEP), started in 1999 by ISSP co-founders Jonathan Berkey and Tony Silard. By 2005 GEP had active programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Indonesia. In that year, GEP divided itself into separate non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in these four countries, and GEP ended its international support.

Nearly 10 years later, all four GEP NGOs are still going strong.


Kaskazi Environmental Alliance (KEA)

kea-header-smKaskazi Environmental Alliance (KEA) is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive environmental education to East African communities. KEA’s mission is to create environmental awareness, stewardship, and conservation of East Africa’s coastal resources through marine science education. KEA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Mahmoud Khamis Jillo, is a member of ISSP’s Africa Advisory Board. Learn more at

GEP Tanzania

Read a recent correspondence we received from GEP Tanzania’s Executive Director, Hatibu Lugendo.

Tassah Academy

The Tassah Academy is a private non-profit K-12 school in Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon, Africa. At Tassah Academy, they aspire to use technology to reach out to their educational community, including teachers and parents, making them shareholders of their vision. “We believe in empowering the young generation to take control over their lives through education and Technology.” Founder, principal and teacher Bih Janet Shofor Fufango is a member of the ISSP Africa Advisory Board. Learn more at