Newsletter: Fall 2014

International School-to-School Partnerships Fall 2014 newsletter Cameroon Edition with Teacher Feature and call to Support Our Students!

Fall 2014 | Issue 1.1 | Cameroon Edition | Teacher Feature | Help Support Our Students!

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Making Virtual Classroom Connections a Reality in Cameroon and California

Zahara, a student at Tassah Academy in Cameroon, teaches the teacher and other students how to use an iPadIt is no small feat to connect students in Cameroon, West Africa, with students in California, USA, to learn collaboratively online. “The real challenge is communication, or rather finding a way for teachers and students from different cultures to trust and understand each other enough to work together.”

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Students Outside the Classroom!

Tassah Academy students on a fieldtrip to the Municipal Lake, outside Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon AFRICACameroon, AFRICA. Although the Municipal Lake is located near downtown Yaounde, just 20 minutes away from the Tassah Academy by car, many of the students at Tassah Academy had never been to there before. “This is my first time here,” said one student, and it was apparent he wasn’t alone when all of the other students were silenced by the first glance as the bus drove around the corner.

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Teacher Feature: Meet Cathy Guiley, Valencia Elementary, Pajaro Valley Unified School District, California USA

Cathy Guiley, science teacher at Valencia Elementary School, Pajaro Valley Unified School District, Aptos, California USAAt first glance Mrs. Guiley’s classroom at Valencia Elementary School (Aptos, California, USA) seems like your typical classroom, but once inside, you feel transformed into another world – the world of science. The classroom feels like an organized jungle, full of books, visuals, and of course, many creatures big and small. “Some children are scared of this little guy Pinkie at the beginning of the year,” she explained as she passed me one large, energetic corn snake which immediately coiled around my arm. “But by the end of year, they love him, and can hold him for hours.”

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Symantec Corporation Hardware Donation to ISSP!

symantecIn July of this year, Symantec Corporation, based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, California, donated 20 Dell servers to support ISSP‘s international school-to-school partnerships program, linking schools around the globe via the Internet to schools here in the U.S., to enhance cross-cultural experiences for students while sharing common academic curriculum.

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Support Tassah Academy Students!

Students at the Tassah Academy (Cameroon AFRICA) use a donated tablet computer to connect their classroom with a classroom in California (USA)Support our ISSP school-to-school program by helping to provide classroom technology to the students in Cameroon, West Africa, so they can connect with students here in the US. We are raising matching funds for the purchase of tablets for the Tassah Academy, in Yaounde, Cameroon AFRICA.

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