Bih Janet Shufor FofangThe A. Richard Newton Educator ABIE Award recognizes educators who develop innovative teaching practices and approaches that attract girls and women to computing, engineering and math. This year’s winner, Bih Janet Shufor Fofang, is from Cameroon and has been teaching electrical engineering for 15 years at the College D’enseignement Technique Industriel et Commercial.

And her work in founding and directing Tassah Academy (an ISSP Partner School) is a factor in her winning this prestigious award. Their article continues,

What’s the best part of teaching the girls at the Tassah Academy?

The fact that I get to teach something new and exciting to students is very rewarding. I call it the “change” factor. School curricula here are very old and have hardly undergone any major changes to suit the changing times. Traditional teaching methods are still used in many schools and there is a complete disconnect between what is taught and everyday reality. It takes a very long time for systems to change and adapt to new ways of thinking. Finding a new method to break the myth behind technology, and using innovative ways of thinking, is very exciting for the girls.

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