On Thursday May 29, ISSP Board President Jonathan Berkey and Aptos Junior High School science teacher Ted Altenberg held a Skype session with several teachers and the Director of the Tassah Academy School, in Messamendongo Yaounde, Cameroon Africa. They discussed ideas for initiating school-to-school partnerships, which really begins with teacher-to-teacher connections.

The next day, the teachers shared their enthusiasm for connecting Tassah Academy (TA) students with students at Aptos JHS. A group of students then recorded this video message, asking AJHS students some questions.


Mr. Altenberg then shared this video with his students, and some of them answered the questions from the TA students, and then asked them some questions back.

Aptos JHS (Aptos, CA USA) students answer questions from students at Tassah Academy, Cameroon Africa from ISSP on Vimeo and YouTube.