First meeting with EISERVI, Tassah Academy and ISSP from left: Jetat Victor, Funwie Nkwenti (teachers from Tassah), Laura Preston (ISSP), Janet Fofang (Tassah), Andrew Nyenty (director of EISERVI), Nzifor Kingsley, and Fon Christina (EISERVI staff)

First meeting between EISERVI, Tassah Academy and ISSP. From left: Jetat Victor, Funwie Nkwenti (teachers from Tassah), Laura Preston (ISSP), Janet Fofang (director of Tassah), Andrew Nyenty (director of EISERVI), Nzifor Kingsley, and Fon Christina (EISERVI staff). Not pictured – Ngou Thomas (Principal, Tassah), Jonathan Berkey and Ted Altenberg (present on Skype conference call).


EISERVI, (Education Information Services International, a local nonprofit in Yaounde focused on literacy and youth empowerment, has agreed to join forces with Tassah Academy and ISSP to make our pilot program a success. After a 2 hour meeting on Wednesday evening at EISERVI’s conference room, many old friendships were strengthened, and new partnerships forged. Present were teachers, the principal, and the founder (Janet Fofang) from Tassah Academy; EISERVI staff and the executive director Andrew Nyenti, as well as ISSP, present both physically (Laura Preston) and virtually (Jonathan Berkey and Ted Altenberg via Skype).

Many topics were discussed including EISERVI’s successful track record as a project manager, and their programs already in place, such as school and communal libraries, and their inspirational summer program “Storytime” which provides training in English, computer technology, and arts & crafts, sports, and more for the younger kids. Introduced to ISSP by Janet Fofang, EISERVI has been a partner of Tassah Academy for many years,  helping them establish their library and work on literacy programs.  EISERVI also has many partnerships with organizations such as Bookaid International (, the International Book Project (, and  Computer Aid International (, which have helped them create a successful library and multiple computer labs at their headquarters as well as over 40 locations around Cameroon. Thanks to their expertise and long standing director who has worked for the British Council for over 20 years, they are well equipped to help support a program like ISSP, using their network from Yaounde to make this program a success. They are excited to participate in ISSP’s initiative, as it will update their computer program and hopefully entice more students to read using the tablets.

It was agreed that EISERVI would help coordinate the teachers at Tassah by contributing a staff member to visit the school frequently and help monitor the program’s success. In addition teachers can come visit EISERVI’s office to seek additional support. In return Tassah has agreed to share any new technology with EISERVI’s summer computer program, and ISSP is interested in sending a server to EISERVI as well. The meeting ended on a happy note with all members exchanging phone numbers, email addresses, and setting a date for the next meeting, as well as agreeing to go on a hike with Laura, the intern on Saturday.