ISSP Education Advisory Board Meeting 27-Oct-2013

L–R: Jim & Tanja Tucker, Lauren Hanneman, Bih Janet Shufor Fofang, Michael Berman, Daniel Mountjoy, Harendra Goonetilleke, Rob Huffman, Susan Chollar, Emilie Cassar, Ted Altenberg

On October  27, 2013, the Education Advisory Board of ISSP held its first official meeting, held at the home of Jim & Tanja Tucker, ([now former] Board Treasurer and Education Advisory Board member, respectively), in Corralitos, CA US.

Discussions focused on sharing environmental science curriculum with international school collaborations, starting in Africa, with science teacher ideas and suggestions. The assembled group of educators and others discussed what is possible and how this can be done successfully.




In attendance were these people:ISSP Education Advisory Board Meeting 27-Oct-2013

  • Ted Altenberg, AJHS, Science Teacher
  • Jonathan Berkey, ISSP Board President
  • Micheal Berman, PVUSD Elementary, HA Hyde
  • Emilie Cassar, AJHS Science Teacher
  • Susan Chollar, AJHS Science Teacher
  • Harendra Goonetilleke, PVUSD Tech Services
  • Lauren Hanneman, O’Neil Odyssey, Watsonville Wetlands
  • Rob Huffman, PVUSD Science Teacher Support
  • Daniel Mountjoy, ISSP Board Secretary
  • Jim Tucker, ISSP Board Treasurer
  • Tanja Tucker, PVUSD Elementary, HA Hyde
  • Special guest: Bih Janet Shufor Fofang, Tassah Academy, Yaounde, Cameroon, and member of ISSP Africa Advisory Board

You can red the full minutes of the meeting at…issp-educational-advisory-board–Introductory-meeting-10-27-2013.pdf.

ISSP Education Advisory Board Meeting 27-Oct-2013